Eric Nol


Eric Nol is an Advisor for Global Trust Group and has over 15 years experience in Sales, Marketing and business development. Having run several successful technology companies in Australia from a young age, Eric developed the acumen and skills set that allows him to propel a start-up company from Sales, Marketing, Corporate Structuring and Development.

Having started his career in Information Technology at 14 years of age, Eric grew to lead the IT department in a very large & prestigious Law firm based in Australia, gaining over 10 years experience in corporate management, making deadlines & cost management, while being involved or running several companies from Web Development, Server Management, Online Marketing, Graphic Design and SEO. As a result, Eric is extremely familiar with the Technology space.

Eric currently resides in Los Angeles where he has co-founded several successful companies ranging from the Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Technology and Blockchain Sectors.

Having more recently been involved in advisory roles to the technology sector focused within Blockchain.