Jeff Klein

Advisor, Real Estate Development

Jeff Klein is Advisor of Real Estate Development for Global Trust Group. With over 40 years of experience in land and real estate development, renewable energy and the oil industry, Jeffrey Klein has been a principle and managing partner of a number of companies operating in the United States and internationally. He has served as a principle and Director with Urban Retail Korea, Ltd., a leader in South Korean real estate development; VisionMaker Worldwide, an international theme park and resort developer; LCW Oil Company; EN-RGY Concepts, a leading international solar development company. Jeffrey Klein founded and guided as president Newport Beach-based Fletcher Development Company and Loara Ventures, LLC to design and complete projects in excess of 4-million sq. ft. and $3.6B in completed value since 2002.

Additionally, to his development activities, Mr. Klein has been cofounder and director of Apollo Enterprise Solutions, co-founder and director of Equality IPA, owner of KOH radio in Nevada, co-founder of Golden Oak Bank, owner of Malibu Country Club and the Links at Victoria and founder of Howland Capital, a Chinese manufacturer of oil equipment.