Robert Menendez


Global Trust Group – Investment Banking Advisor
SURKUS LLC – Co-Founder
Music Market – Co-Founder

Mr. Menendez is a Director of Venture Management focused on Global Trust Group AIB’s venture financing platform and the Global SPF “Strategic Partner Funds.” He is also a co-founder of Global’s portfolio company SURKUS. Robert has more than 15 years of management experience and business development expertise in structuring investment platforms for long-term growth. He also managed all facets of operations at Newmax Advisors, LLC, where he successfully created fiscal synergy for investors by coordinating algorithmic trading teams primarily comprised of programmers and developers managing account platforms. Robert began his career at Oppenheimer & Company and went on to become Co-Founder of Tradestar Capital, Ltd., a subsidiary of Assent Trading. He was instrumental in the launch of Coastal LLC, a quantitative fund for which he raised both trading and operational capital. Robert’s talent for easily cross-pollinating technology and funding led to a partnership at One Asia U.S.