Steve Stewart

Stewart-Steve-BWMusic Market – Co-Founder

Steve Stewart has more than 20 years of professional experience in the music business. As principal of Steve Stewart Management, he discovered and managed Grammy Award winning alt rock band Stone Temple Pilots, from their inception in 1990 through their 5th major record release on Atlantic Records, totaling more than $450 million in gross revenue. He has negotiated record and publishing deals for more than 20 artists signed to major record labels and music publishers, including Warner Bros. Records, Columbia Records, Atlantic Records, Epic Records, EMI Records, Capitol Records, Universal Records, Hollywood Records (Disney), A&M Records, Warner Chappell Music, Universal Music Publishing, Sony Music Publishing, and EMI Music Publishing. He has also headed business development for a top 30 YouTube channel, and held C-level/co-founder positions at a number of new media startups.