The Global Trust Group ("GTG") creates and defends wealth in our global
village by coordinating efforts, insights and resources for the
exploration and development of tools, projects and companies with
extraordinary impact value.
The GTG fellowship of partners and advisors leverages trusted
relationships and situational knowledge from a close-knit global network
of professionals all possessing a strong moral compass with extreme
passion and competence for their chosen craft, whether art, engineering
or another vocation, we are all better together.
GTG has an expanding mission to continuously recruit exceptional,
impact-oriented veteran founders and experts through personal
referral to bring their private plans and resources into our collaborative
community. We combine our powers to actively grow our closed
platform for reducing and increasing the velocity
for our impactful initiatives.
The Alternative Investment Board is a team of venture experts
leveraging the Group's advisors and strategic partners in a Pilot
Program building a collaborative portfolio of companies through a
tempered private business process focused on the origination,
capitalization, management, development and exit of private companies.

Private Investments

Global Key Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor
with core competencies in public markets and
advises in the areas of asset and wealth management.

Public Investments

Global Trust Group is a worldwide Fellowship of experienced Founders and extraordinary domain Experts combining relationship and financial capital to Create and Defend Wealth in our Global Community with economic, social and environmental impact.  Partners and Advisors who are extremely passionate about their craft share their private, off-market projects with the Group to select a portfolio of companies for GTG to work on collectively from formation to exit. Together we are better at reducing the risk and increasing the velocity on these companies on their Journey to Exit.   Our Culture focuses on Trust.  We trust in extreme craftsmanship, industry, and transparency.  Each season we grow stronger and more impactful on our Global community and environment; when “exiting” or” monetizing” a portfolio company we retain the hearts, minds, and resources of the founders, executives advisors, vendors, data, tools, experiences to reinvest in our Venture Management platform.   Our culture also enjoys a shared vision of focusing our Fellowship’s resources and programs on social impact in our Global Village.

To make sound investment decisions and help portfolio companies on a daily basis, GTG leverages trusted relationships and situational knowledge from a close-knit network of professionals who all possess a strong moral compass and a passion for their chosen craft, whether they are an artist, engineer or other vocation.

GTG’s approach to wealth-building is to identify exceptional founders, and then, along with capital investment, actively “venture-manage” promising young companies and help the founders solve problems, reduce risk and increase their velocity of growth.

GTG follows a fundamentally structured investment approach, starting with the primary thesis: “first, don’t waste time or lose money“ and then selecting investment opportunities that show positive cash flow, sound governance /operational/financial processes and strong management teams and enhancing these attributes through our trusted network.

GTG invests when it can leverage expertise within its Fellowship, which has enabled us to establish a diverse basket of opportunities across multiple industries, including technology, infrastructure, media & entertainment, health & wellness, cleantech, natural resources, retail, real estate, social impact, and services.

GTG believes in socially conscious wealth management – fostering a culture that believes in sharing a portion of financial and intellectual wealth to provide maximum social impact.