Anena K. Marchand


Ms. Marchand is an Advisor to Global Trust Group and the founder and CEO of Express Demolition & Hauling of San Diego, California.  She has over 20 years of experience in construction specializing in demolition, hauling and recycling.

Ms. Marchand stays actively involved at every level of operations from bidding, operations, production, management, marketing to maintaining complete company oversight.

Projects under management include over 150+ residential projects and jobs ranging from demo of 100 BEQ units at Camp Pendleton Marine Base to clearing and various projects for Southern CA Edison. All the listed expertise and past experience along with an intrinsic need to give her best to all people makes Ms. Marchand a great partner in any venture.

She continues her active involvement in the community by maintaining her role in the community in both philanthropic and business organizations. This includes the Laotian Community, Minority Business Enterprises, Asian Business Association and US Small Business Association.

Ms. Marchand has the love for spiritual practice and helps influence the potential in health and wellbeing for the surrounding people in her life. She enjoys cooking, adventure travel and fashion. She’s a mother and a Big Sister to all her employees, friends and family.