Global Funding Platform

Global Trust Group is developing a Global Funding Platform.  See your Global Trust Group advisor for information.

Special Projects

Global Trust Group partners and advisors have successfully collaborated and built a number of private companies and projects prior to recently establishing industry groups and related tracking Pilot Funds. This portfolio includes companies such as the Manhattan Condominiums; and within Global Trust Ventures, companies such as SureID, Nano Filtration Technologies, Nautical Control Systems, and others.

Global AIF Partner & Advisor Funds

Each year, a partners and advisors fund is also formed so that active members of our partner and advisor Fellowship may participate in a diversified basket containing a capital allocation from each project on which the Group works in that calendar year. In example, the 2015 entity Global AIF II, LLC, has investment capital allocated in a balanced manner across …

Pilot Funds

The Global Trust Group Alternative Investment Board is currently organizing its fellowship of Craftsmen into industry specific silos. Investments of time and resources are made into companies through Pilot Fund entities created for each industry silo, with a plan to open each of the industry strategies to large institutional investors through licensed investment funds after several years of private performance …