Dubset secures $4 Million round of funding

Dubset raises $4M to legalize remixes for Spotify and Apple Music. TechCrunch Article. Record labels refuse to allow streaming of remixes and hour-long DJ sets unless copyright owners get paid for every little sample. Dubset just raised $4 million to handle that legal mess so Spotify and Apple Music can offer the type of music that used to live illegally …

Tesloop covered in Morgan Stanley White Paper about Industry Disruption

Morgan Stanley publishes white paper about the impact of companies like Tesloop on the Airline industry: “US Airlines and Shared Mobility:  Will Auto Disruption Travel to Airlines?” Also, Teslarati has also covered this white paper in the article:  “How Tesla’s ridesharing network could disrupt the airline industry“.

Fragmob Prepares for Instigate Technology Conference

Fragmob is hosting the Instigate Technology Conference this week.  Instigate creates success in the Fragmob user base by educating and preparing them to use the Fragmob services and software in their businesses.

Tesloop founder speaks at Morgan Stanley Conference

Rahul, Tesloop CEO, talking about Tesloop and the future of autonomous electric vehicles, extreme utilization of vehicles, and the first Tesla to reach 200k miles with Morgan Stanley’s Automobile Industry Analyst, Adam Jonas.

Facebook Features Trendy Butler as an Advertising Success

Facebook features Trendy Butler as an advertising success using it’s Pixel program. The men’s apparel subscription service used the Facebook pixel to make precise projections and increase revenue, resulting in a 3.5X increase in year-over-year revenue and a 35% drop in cost per purchase.

Inc. Magazine Features Trendy Butler as a Small Company using Big Data Successfully

Inc. Magazine covers Trendy Butlers use of Big Data to understand it’s market and customers in the Article: How This Startup Uses Data to Always Stay on Trend Using relevant data to improve the customer journey is always in fashion. Here are some insights about how to use it from day one. Today, savvy startups are using data technology from …