William Attinger

Co-Founder – Managing Partner – Chief Investment Strategist William (Bill) Attinger has spent the last 20 years as a leader and innovator in growing, financing and grooming early stage and lower middle-market companies. Through his background in finance and investment banking, he knows how to quantitatively evaluate companies and advise them “by the numbers”. As a founder or co-founder of …

John Hughes

  Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Information Officer Mr. Hughes is the Chief Information Officer and a co-founder of the Global Trust Group with 20 years of experience in venture investment and management. John has worked with Cisco, Sun/Oracle, and extensively with Hewlett Packard (now Hewlett Packard Enterprise). John led one of HP’s initial online teams responsible for publishing corporate …

Kimberly A. Toy

Co-Founder – Managing Partner – Chief Administration Officer Kimberly Toy is a Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Administration Office of Global Trust Group.

Nick Gordon

Co-Founder – Managing Partner – Chief Investment Officer Nick Gordon is a Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investing Officer of Global Trust Group.

Robert M. Sigler

  CEO and Founder Robert is Founder, CEO, & investing principal of Global Trust Group & Ventures, Global Key Advisors (FINRA licensed Investment Advisor) and co-founder of ABC Masterminds (Artificial Intelligence-Blockchain-Crypto) with 30 years of experience in accounting, finance, investment banking, mergers, acquisitions, capital markets, private equity & venture strategy and management. Robert owns and has co-founded numerous businesses in …