DayDials Inc.

Global Technology Fund

DayDials Inc.  and the DIALS app has reinvented the smartphone and wearables calendar by transforming the traditional hard-to-read “list view” of your day’s schedule into an elegantly designed new clock-based view of your day. With its at-a-glance icon based visualization of your upcoming events, and its simplified entry and edit process for all your important meetings, calls and tasks, DIALS® is the easiest and best on-the-go way to manage your time.

There are 2.5B smartphone users, but only 1% use a mobile calendar. DIALS app is targeting the other 99%. In iOS beta, the DIALS app jumped up to over 65k installs. The company is moving fast transitioning out of beta, adding Exchange as well as multiple Google and iCloud accounts support, and launching on the Android platform. With a current retention of 26.52% after day 30, DIALS app retention percentage is significantly higher than most companies in the app space. IP related to DIALS interface was filed in Dec 2013 and more recently the company has filed a patent for its application centered around Facebook integration. DIALS has trademarks in the Unites States, Canada, Europe, & Australia.

Competition: Sunrise (Microsoft), Tempo (Salesforce), and (Google) were all acquired earlier this year and are now in the process of shutting down within the iTunes App Store and Google Play, to become packaged product and off the market.

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