Donald Min

Intellectual Property Counsel

Donald Min is an Intellectual Property Counsel with over 20 years of expertise in business due diligence and intellectual property law, having navigated a diverse array of roles. As Counsel at Capizate, he currently spearheads teams of varying sizes, orchestrating multiple projects. His role involves formulating and executing due diligence strategies, conducting comprehensive investigations, and producing insightful reports. This critical work aids companies in risk identification and assessment, informed decision-making, and safeguarding their investments.

During his tenure as Vice President of Intellectual Property at Hyperloop One, Donald played a pivotal role in managing the intellectual property, product management, and program management for highly complex infrastructure, transportation, and software offerings. He not only established but also executed due diligence procedures for the company’s investments in cutting-edge technologies and business ventures. Collaborating closely with the management team, he proactively identified opportunities and mitigated potential risks.

At Johnson Controls and Qualcomm, Donald honed his skills in acquisition of patents worldwide, offering expert guidance on intellectual property matters, negotiating IP licensing agreements, and adeptly negotiating and resolving IP disputes. His experience extends to sophisticated IP strategy, efficiently managing IP portfolios, and conducting rigorous IP due diligence.

Donald’s extensive professional journey has equipped him with a profound understanding of disruptive technology, the corporate landscape, and legal intricacies. This valuable perspective allows him to leverage his wealth of experience to guide clients towards success in diverse business scenarios.

In addition to his legal and business background, Donald has a B.S. Electrical Engineering and served as an officer aboard a U.S. Navy nuclear fast attack submarine.