Dubset Media is a technology solutions company for the music industry.

The traditional way of distributing music used to be simple. Artists created records, their labels and managers handled the distribution. Today, online streaming and social media platforms have opened the doors for music creation like never before. Hundreds of hours of mixes & remixes are uploaded every minute, but over 90% of that User Generated Content (UGC) cannot get to legal music services.

The majority of these mixes & remixes cannot be distributed through traditional music services due to a number of issues relations to clearance & rights complexities, these include:

  • Identification: Who owns the original content?
  • Multiplicity of rights holders: How can all the content owners control usage and distribution of their content in advance?
  • Access & territories: How do you handle rights-by-territory?

These issues are leaving millions in potential royalties on the table for all parties involved: labels, publishers, DJs, and music services.

Dubset offers DJs, rights holders, and music services a way to easily license, disribute, and generate new royalties for mixes & remixes.

As a confident team of music enthusiasts, they aspire to unravel the complexities associated with licensing and distribution of derivative content and change how it is monetized.

The goal is to create a new marketplace for mixes & remixes, and build the foundation for new royalties through online streaming. Technology that is powerful, innovative, and disruptive. Solutions that are simple, universal, and profitable.

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