Emerald Listermann

Listermann-E-01-300x296Riveting Entertainment – Co-Founder & CFO

Mrs. Listermann partnered with Andrew Listermann to create Riveting Entertainment serving as the CFO. She oversees the company’s finances, as well as ensures the company’s profitability and growth. In addition to being CFO, Emerald also embarked on developing the Production department of the company as Executive Producer, from over-all production accounting organization to on-set production supervision. Aside from being the Executive Producer, Emerald also wears the hat of Production Manager on select projects, including: Mary J Blige feat. Usher “Looking For Love”, Chris Brown’s “The Matrix”, and “Deuces” Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” and “Never Let You Go”, and 50 Cent “Let’s Get it In”. Emerald has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Accounting and over eight years working experience in the field of Accounting and Finance.