The Global Trust Group ("GTG") creates and defends extraordinary 
value by developing privately originated companies to success
and exits through an active venture management process.

The GTG fellowship of partners and advisors leverages trusted
relationships and situational knowledge from a close-knit global
network of professionals all possessing a strong moral compass
with extreme passion and competence for their chosen craft,
whether art, engineering or another vocation, we are all better together.
GTG’s approach to wealth-building is to continuously recruit
exceptional veteran founders through personal referral to bring their
private plans and businesses into our collaborative community and
portfolio. We combine our resources and capital to actively grow
promising high potential companies while reducing risk and
increasing velocity.
The Global Trust Group Alternative Investment Board is a fellowshipof private investors and strategic partners collaborating on the origination, funding, management, development and exit of private companies.

Private Investments

Global Key Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor
with core competencies in public markets and
advises in the areas of asset and wealth management.

Public Investments

Global Trust Group (GTG) approaches the Efficient Frontier in capital management by evaluating the risk/reward curve through a bifurcation between public and private securities. Our Registered Investment Advisor, Global Key Advisors, continuously reviews best practices across a wide range of investment options through analysis of track records, fees, and relevancy, in a complex evolving global marketplace.

Global concern over the definition of US Treasury securities as “risk free” has created pressure down the curve with a flood of capital into U.S. equity markets, creating volatility and valuations that may be unjustified by traditional metrics. Capital has continued to flow rapidly into private equity and venture capital. GTG’s strategy for private investments focuses on opportunities originated and venture-managed exclusively through its private network rather than on institutional offerings. GTG prefers to keep venture management in-house with a strong focus on People, Structure, Technology, Planning and Process and continuously expands its fellowship with like-minded family offices, private investment groups and industry craftsmen who have a history of building and operating companies.

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