Ionut Titei

Co-founder & CTO, Infomatics.AI

Ionut began his love for technology 20 years  ago in Romania, with the first PC, at a time  when internet was still a luxury in that part  of the world. In 2004, while still in college, he developed a hybrid online commerce software. The platform, developed before the age of the cloud, was made to allow a business to launch an online store within 48h.  The solution had serviced over 50 businesses.

In 2008, Ionut started working as a consultant for various local projects, while founding the first web streaming TV station in Romania, Biz Channel,  a project backed by several entrepreneurs, the  Romanian Royal Family and some members of the Parliament. The project was exited 2 years later and focus was shifted towards new challenges in the tech space. 

Next, with concentrated efforts towards engineering, Ionut delivered enterprise solutions for clients in Central-Europe and North America, servicing industries ranging from energy sector, finance, procurement, to media and web.

While working on various engineering projects, he co-founded as a fun project, East Wolf in 2012, a Bucharest-based digital agency. The digital shop serviced numerous clients around the world and took part in the launch of successful startups, like Kadusia, AdoreMe and Go Euro.

Years later, the digital business became secondary and founded a tech division of the company with the clear goal of delivering disruptive solutions, by developing using cutting edge technologies. The project expanded into a stand-alone business alongside trusted US partners.  The journey continues with the launch of several startups like Trendy Butler, Alfred Intelligent, Desilux, iAppraisal,  Virtusan, Zeroe and others.