John Hughes

Co-Founder, Managing Partner – GTG AIB

Mr. Hughes the co-founder of the Global Trust Group with 20 years of experience in venture investment and management. John has worked with Cisco, Sun/Oracle, and extensively with Hewlett Packard (now Hewlett Packard Enterprise). John led one of HP’s initial online teams responsible for publishing corporate information including HP’s home page along with sensitive financial news such as press and earnings releases, annual reports, and crisis communications. John has also led software and web development projects ranging from large-scale information harvesting to the deployment of complex databases of customer information for HPs executive team. He has also served as a project manager deploying a series of highly secure networks connecting HP to its largest enterprise customers.

John has provided strategic guidance for numerous startup companies. John’s expertise has helped these portfolio companies to establish technology operations and procedures, develop product plans and technology road maps, and scale towards larger operations. John has also founded several successful companies including Mediazure, a currently approved software development vendor to HPE, and Saguaro Professional Services, a resource for startups needing operational planning and business services.

John began a deep dive into blockchain technologies several years ago focused on practical applications, cryptocurrencies and government regulations. He advises Global Trust Group’s Community on refining the use of blockchain in creating new ecosystems of value in their marketplaces, areas of expertise, and customer acquisition efforts.  John is also a managing partner of GTG AIB. GTG AIB is a global alternative investment platform with a focus on building institutional quality, market specific fund platforms, with teams of experienced operators.

John holds a BA from University of California, Davis.