Joseph Greenstein

Director of Business Development, Global Community Capital

Joseph Greenstein currently serves as the Director of Business Development at Global Community Capital, Business Development Manager at Experior Global and is the Founder of Joey LG Enterprises LLC. Mr. Greenstein has an extraordinary talent for identifying and formulating plans around emerging trends. Joseph has also developed a framework in which to allocate capital while maintaining a sustainable risk/reward within the extremely volatile crypto markets. He is an experienced Investor within DeFi, GameFi, NFTs and other early-stage crypto investment vehicles. In addition to that, Joseph has made several successful early-stage equity investments such as Databuoy, Alfred Intelligent, and Amaze Technologies. He is also a Limited Partner to Arca’s Digital Asset Fund as well as Arca’s Endeavor Fund. Lastly, Joseph has allocated and closed on several high-yielding multifamily real estate deals.

Mr. Greenstein’s background includes serving as a trusted Real Estate Advisor in New York City representing residential and large-scale commercial owners when buying, selling and seeking qualified tenants for rent. Joseph has also made a name for himself in the fashion industry as a model. He has been featured in various international campaigns and publications such as Versace, Moschino, Steve Madden, Porter Magazine, V Magazine, Fantastics Magazine, Wall Street Journal Magazine, Forbes, and more.

Adding to his diversity of skills and interests, Joseph has a passion for multigenerational communication issues explored through media and entertainment. Joey loves spending quality time with his family and friends, a good steak dinner and a tough evening CrossFit class!