Josephine Barbarino

Founder of Keto Live

Josephine Barbarino is a passionate advocate for the ketogenic lifestyle, leaving her mark as a founder, CEO, and prominent activist in the European keto community. Through her dual roles at the Keto Live Project e.V. and Keto Live GmbH, she’s spearheaded the European Keto Live Centre, a multifaceted hub dedicated to keto education and empowerment.

For over seven years, Josephine has been a driving force behind the Keto Live Project, establishing it as a trusted information and training center. Her dedication extends beyond individual support, actively collaborating with healthcare professionals to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME/CPD) programs certified in the fight against non-communicable diseases. This focus on scientific backing and professional engagement sets Josephine apart, solidifying the Keto Live Centre’s position as a leading authority in the European keto landscape.

Josephine’s unwavering commitment to the ketogenic cause is evident in her multifaceted approach. From fostering individual understanding to influencing healthcare practices, she’s relentlessly paving the way for a future where keto is recognized and embraced as a powerful tool for health and well-being.