Juan Arturo Lara Caravantes


Juan Arturo is an advisor to Global Trust Group and a native of Mexico City. He founded CM Research & Analysis as a means to provide recently launched financial companies the research, analysis, training and support that they need as they go through their start-up process. His focus is to understand the company’s philosophy in order to develop the right fit of training materials that will mirror that company’s motto and that would allow employees to transfer that philosophy to their clients and prospects, as they go through the different stages of servicing and rendering financial value added services.

He has more than 20 years of financial sales and training experience, which has been of great value to his clients as they request his expertise not only in developing training materials but furthermore as a sales trainer and sales coach inside and outside of the classroom. From large financial institutions as Investors Group, Mackenzie, CIBC,  Royal Bank, and Scotiabank to highly successful companies such as Future Electronics, CONFORM it, Cash Store Financial and Credico have served as his classroom and he has had the privilege to serve as their trainer not only in Canada, but also in Australia the UK and Mexico.

A USC graduate and an JMSB MBA student, he has become a “go to expert” for governmental financial registered investment instruments and a sought after consultant to maintain these institutions and companies up to date on the many changes and regulations that these type of products face on a yearly basis.