Kris Olivo

Co-Founder, Endorsemii

Kris Olivo is a dynamic entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Endorsemii, a peer-to-peer testimonial platform on a mission to redefine online reputation management. Leading Endorsemii’s development, Kris aims to empower individuals to manage their digital credibility seamlessly and with confidence and simplicity. Leading the development of Endorsemii, Kris aims to empower individuals to manage their digital credibility seamlessly, with confidence and simplicity.

Alongside his innovative work at Endorsemii, Kris co-founded Almost Magical Marketing, an acclaimed agency specializing in empowering franchisees and franchisors to enhance their online presence. With a solid track record, Almost Magical Marketing serves as a trusted partner for businesses aiming to amplify their digital footprint.

Additionally, Kris is the founder of Helpful Human Franchising, a consultancy service dedicated to assisting investors in navigating the complexities of franchising and business ventures, ensuring well-informed decision-making.

Kris shares his wealth of expertise as the co-author of The Grand Opening Game Plan, a comprehensive resource drawing from his extensive experience in orchestrating successful grand openings and transforming events into memorable successes.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Kris is a distinguished world champion in Jiu Jitsu, holding a Black Belt under the esteemed Robert Drysdale. Outside of his entrepreneurial endeavors, Kris finds fulfillment in pushing his physical boundaries and achieving excellence in martial arts.