Laura Castillo


Laura Castillo is the Founder & CEO of Business Professional Services and a general manager at Saguaro Professional Services.  She is a detailed and diligent professional focused on business administration and management with a passion for accountability, data, documentation and process. Laura was a mentee of members of the Global Trust Group community then inspired to place her entrepreneurial stake in the ground to develop her career and passion for community impact through business by founding Business Professional Services as she turned 20. Prior to this she had to abandon her college education and carried three jobs to help support her family.  Laura is continuously seeking knowledge and the tools to interrogate and apply it intelligently. In 2023 Laura became part of Global Community Capital’s Young Professionals program allowing people with strong core values and work ethic from the ages of 20 to 30 to train and participate in novel venture management projects. In 2024, she then earned a position in the launch of infomatics.AI. Laura enjoys a balance of life as a happy, healthy and productive member of her community.