Real Estate Practice Area

Our partners and advisors in the real-estate practice area focus their extraordinary experience and skills on all aspects of the domestic and international real-estate sector.   We are an experienced team of real estate and finance professionals building a traditional asset-backed portfolio empowered by the synergies of the GTG technology and industries platform.

  • 100 years of combined real estate and financing experience

  • Over $5 billion in real estate transactions:

    • Acquisition, reposition, ground-up development of multiple asset classes including retail, hospitality, office, medical, multifamily, self-storage, and mixed-use • Domestic and international

  • Tier-1 institutional real world experience:

    • Merger and acquisitions • Investment banking • Private equity • Venture capital • Wealth management with experience in public and private equities including REITs • Enterprise software and Internet technology

  • Structured finance and oversight:

    • Legal and regulatory. • Corporate governance and investor relations. • Finance and accounting with experience in public finance and taxation.

  • Social impact investing:

    • Affordable housing • Workforce housing • Senior housing


Seizing strategic and opportunistic investments that maximize growth and income while preserving capital in stable assets (primarily real estate) while using a more efficient method to conduct business leveraging technology platforms and portfolio synergies.


Experiential Hotel Brands


Global Trust Group is partnering with Lifestyle + Hotel Group and Meredith Corporation to develop a unique collection of luxury hotel properties in the USA.  Meredith is the largest public publishing company (NYSE: MDP) with over 120 million people regularly engaging with their printed magazines, digital properties and TV/media stations.

Our partnership will leverage Meredith’s breadth and depth of first-party data to target audiences through various channels, devices and platforms — including print, online, mobile, video and email. We are developing unique experiential properties in underserved locations and Qualified Opportunity Zones within metropolitan centers with recognized brands that will ensure high occupancy rates.

Brands Include:


Examples of properties:


Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones were established in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 with extraordinary tax incentives to drive long-term investments in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide. Capital deployed in these zones receive tax benefits similar to a 1031 real estate exchange but applied to all types of capital gains.

Through this legislation, profits made through Capital Gains can be invested in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds that if setup strategically can potentially double after tax profits from successful projects.

There are three tax advantages that come from this legislation:

  • Deferral of Capital Gains:

    Any Capital Gains can be invested into a Qualified Opportunity Fund. Invested Capital Gains do not need to be recognized when the investment is sold or exchanged until the end of 2026.

  • Reduction of Capital Gains:

    After a fund investment of 7 years, Capital Gains tax on the original Capital Gains is reduced by 15%. This is the equivalent of a 15% step up of basis in the original investment.

  • No Capital Gains Tax on Fund Profits:

    After holding the investment for 10 years the Opportunity Fund’s profits will not result in any additional federal income taxes.

10 Year Timeline


Qualified Capital Profile

Qualified long and short-term capital gains for investment into these zones include gains recognizable from taxable transactions (within 180 days of realization) including: the sale of stocks, bonds, properties, partnership interests, etc. Gains taxed as ordinary income and gains from certain derivative contracts are not qualified. Individuals, C corporations (including REITs and RICs), partnerships and trusts can defer Capital Gains through Opportunity Zone investment.

If you have a $1M capital gain through stock, bond, business or property sale, instead of paying $238,000 in taxes, you invest $1M into the Activated Capital Opportunity Zone Fund that is focused on double bottom line returns. Let’s say in 2028, the Fund returns almost $2M including the original investment considering 8% ROI. No taxes are due on the $1M gain. You'll only pay $202,300 in deferred capital gains on first initial sale.

Where Are Zones Located?

Opportunity Zones are designated throughout the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  You can explore sites in detail with this map.