Richard Giles

Advisor – Infrastructure

Richard Paul Giles is Global Trust Groups Advisor for Civil Infrastructure related issues and the Founder & Chairman of Advanced Resurfacing Technologies.

With over thirty five (35) years of planning, engineering and construction experience, Richard is a recognized expert in Civil Infrastructure field and founder of Wurx Consulting, Wurx Construction, Assurance Inc and Advanced Resurfacing Technologies.

Richard has been awarded numerous patents and trademarks by the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as critical awards and recognition including:

  • Best of Class Product after a 3-year study for the Department of Defense
  • Best of the Year Technology 2011 by AASHTO
  • Park City Best Of Civil Infrastructure 2014.

Richard’s expertise includes the management of concrete and asphalt pavements of NASCAR sanctioned race facilities. This Asset Management process is now incorporated by several of the nations most respected companies.

Richard has also successfully provided technology services to Caterpillar, Bobcat, and Doosan leveraging his patented products manufactured by companies such as DuPont, Olin and Rhino Linings.

Richard founded and later divested several companies including some publicly traded entities. One of Rich’s current companies, Wurx Consulting was instrumental to the development and construction of Denver International Airport, Empire Pass within Deer Valley Ski Resort, Tuhaye Golf Club, Micron and several other golf & Skiing communities around the world.

WURX projects are regularly cited in Intermountain Contractor, a publication that feature cutting-edge developments in the Mountain West and the visionary people creating them.

Richard has also been featured on CNBC and other national media outlets, as well as, print media focusing on his vision, leadership, and passion on how to better serve our communities civil infrastructure related issues.

In 2007, Founder Richard Giles, recognized an opportunity to provide a high quality, low cost asphalt repair technology, which was selected in 2011 as best in class by Federal Highway Administration (AASHTO). The technology was also selected by Department of Defense for airfield runway repairs; Mr. Giles had Caterpillar and Bobcat as global distribution partners. In 2011 Mr. Giles sold the company to a fund and exited the company.

In 2011 through all of his knowledge, Mr. Giles started developing a way in which concrete repairs could be made with traffic & pedestrian patterns returned to normal in less than an hour. Mr. Giles developed his own formula and mixture of hybrid resins and composite aggregates, which could allow this to happen. In 2012 ART contracted services with several NASCAR Sanctioned race venues, Deer Valley and several other ski resorts, cities, property management companies, school districts, fast food chains and several national brands. The company has now started selling systems, developing software and is 95% complete with FDD documents for franchising the product and process.

Richard will help guide the interests of the Global Trust Group’s vision within the civil infrastructure field.