Riveting Entertainment Group

Global Media & Entertainment Fund

Riveting Entertainment Group is comprised of a multi-award-winning production company with a roster of top-level Directors, a music label (distribution and publishing), a talent management company and a post-production company – all under one roof. Riveting was founded in 2008 by veteran producer Andrew Listermann with his partner (and CFO) Emerald Listermann. In less than 7 years the company has produced more than 250 music videos and commercials with repeat clients ranging from Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber, Mary J Blige and Diddy, among many others, to international brands like Reebok, LG Electronics and American Express.

To date, Riveting holds under its belt, 3 MTV Video Awards and the 2011 BET Video of the Year Awards. In 2011, Riveting Post was launched under the REG umbrella, as a post-production company that services all of the Riveting produced projects, but also third party clients’ projects. Riveting Post has a team of talented creatives and producers that keep the workflow smooth from start to finish. Riveting Music (Distribution / Publishing / Management) was a natural evolution for the company and in 2014 the company signed its first client, Cal Scruby. Within just a few months of signing Cal, Riveting produced 5 music videos for him that were well received by many of the company’s top celebrity clients. This year Riveting and long time collaborating partner, Chris Brown, partnered on a documentary on the life and story of Chris Brown. The film was produced by Riveting Entertainment, which has produced over 50 Chris Brown videos, and directed by award-winning documentary and music video director Andrew Sandler. The film was successfully completed at the end of 2015 and is planned for release in early 2016.

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