Tesloop’s First Tesla Model S Hit’s the 300,000 Mile Mark

Portfolio company Tesloop made the news this week as they reported that their first Tesla Model S has been in service for 300,000 miles.  What has been amazing is that the cost of maintenance and electricity for the vehicle has only been $10,492, which is an extremely low figure for auto maintenance and fuel costs. Read the article in Motor …

Tesloop covered in Morgan Stanley White Paper about Industry Disruption

Morgan Stanley publishes white paper about the impact of companies like Tesloop on the Airline industry: “US Airlines and Shared Mobility:  Will Auto Disruption Travel to Airlines?” Also, Teslarati has also covered this white paper in the article:  “How Tesla’s ridesharing network could disrupt the airline industry“.

Tesloop founder speaks at Morgan Stanley Conference

Rahul, Tesloop CEO, talking about Tesloop and the future of autonomous electric vehicles, extreme utilization of vehicles, and the first Tesla to reach 200k miles with Morgan Stanley’s Automobile Industry Analyst, Adam Jonas.