William Attinger


Managing Director, Forstmann & Company – Managing Patner GTG AIB

William (Bill) Attinger has spent the last 20 years as a leader and innovator in growing, financing and grooming early stage and lower middle-market companies. Through his background in finance and investment banking, he knows how to quantitatively evaluate companies and advise them “by the numbers”. As a founder or co-founder of five companies and an adviser to dozens more, he has accumulated a depth of practical hands-on operational experience across a breadth of industries.

In addition to operations and finance, Mr. Attinger’s career includes a depth of experience in marketing, branding and business development for a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses, including the integration of social media and mobile marketing into a company’s commercial strategy. He understands how to leverage major social media platforms, online technologies and analytical tools to drive activation, enhance the customer experience and ultimately generate new business.  As an investment banker for Morgan Stanley in the 1990’s, Mr. Attinger structured more than $1 billion of publicly-offered securities using innovative, derivative-based financing structures, and his derivative research has been published in the Financial Analysts Journal.  Bill earned his Bachelors in economics and Masters in Finance from the University of Alabama.

Currently, serves as a Managing Director of Forstmann & Co. Inc., focused on financial engineering, corporate development and innovative financial product development. Bill is also managing partner for GTG AIB, a global alternative investment platform with a focus on building institutional quality, market specific fund platforms, with teams of experienced operators. Bill also serves on the Board of Directors for Raise the Money Inc.