William Attinger

Managing Director, Forstmann & Company – Managing Partner GTG AIB

William “Bill” Attinger brings over three decades of experience in finance, operations, media and entrepreneurship to the team.

For the past 34 years, Bill has been a leader and innovator in growing, financing, and developing early stage and high-growth middle-market companies. Through his background in finance, private equity, venture capital and investment banking, he brings “by the numbers” expertise in quantitatively evaluating companies and helping them manage their growth and exit opportunities. As a founder or co-founder of six companies and an adviser to dozens more, he has accumulated a depth of practical hands-on operational experience across a breadth of industries and functional disciplines.

As an investment banker for Morgan Stanley in the early 1990’s in New York and Silicon Valley, Bill structured more than $1 billion of publicly offered securities using innovative, derivative-based financing structures, and his derivative research has been published in the Financial Analysts Journal.

In the mid ‘90s, Bill traded investment banking for a career in launching companies in a variety of industry verticals as a venture-backed founder or co-founder, including SaaS software models in CRM, digital rights management and mobile marketing / digital media agencies and a community-based service to help guide new entrepreneurs in starting their own companies.

For the past 8 years, Bill has served as a Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist for investing partnerships under the Global Trust Group umbrella, and within these funds, capitalized over 20 companies in a breadth of industries, including AI, supply chain, apparel, medical devices, public safety tech, film and music, travel, commercial real estate and more.  In 2018, Bill also partnered with Tony Forstmann at Forstmann & Co. to develop new ventures in digital currencies, a tokenized trading exchange, commerce software and carbon-reduction green technologies.

Mr. Attinger earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and his Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Alabama.